Arduin Eternal has 5 ratings and 1 review. Arduin Role-Playing game – the 4th incarnation, released Arduin Eternal Bestiary & Treasures – Add something BOLD to your game today! The Arduin Eternal Bestiary & Treasure book will surely bring. Arduin Eternal Cultures of Khaora – A conundrum of cultures is spread out before you! Tired of playing the same old hero? What happens to a.

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Confessions of Not a Grognard: Arduin Eternal Review

I agree with this model to a certain extent, though I’ll allow for more comprehensive rules when they work towards the concept effectively. Dragon Tree Press produced four further Arduin supplements in the mids before the Arduin rights and properties were purchased by Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures in the early s.

Here is something that the Compleat Arduin books had in spades. Country of Morvaen Arduin Eternal. I’ve bought the original books from them recently, so I won’t be picking this up. Pick up a copy if you are an established Arduin fan, or if you’re an experienced gamer looking for a challenging but very rewarding game. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

That’s the sum exposure I ever had until I bought copies this summer. Granted, I haven’t seen this new Arduin. Surely it should only cost that much once it’s been out of print for 20 years, and been resold on ebay a couple of dozen times. Some interesting ideas here if you want to go mining for them, but the game as written is a near incoherent mess. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat Journey to the city of Melkalund to learn at the underground college of technology.

Inhe was hired by Emperor’s Choice Games to create new cover art for a hardcover reprinting of the original Arduin Grimoire Trilogy.

Arduin – Wikipedia

I can’t deny Hargrave’s eccentric genius and there are many aspects of the setting I find pretty compelling. You really just take what you like from it and throw away the rest. Novices and neophytes will be frustrated and lost. Add a copy to your collection.


The idea that Arduin has a new set of innovations for the future is not why I’m interested. And that includes the index of the book which is available for download on the Emperor’s Choice website.

I have the same problem with Talislanta. Hound and hunt the wicked with the iron will of a Witch Hunter. Where can somebody buy a pdf before putting out the big bucks for it? Norman Harman December 6, at A few items he created on a whim for those he especially liked or was etwrnal to.

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Hamlet December 6, at 9: Even if there’s a hundred die hard fans in the world, that not even a drop it the bucket.

I am ambivelent as to whether I will buy this offering as I have always found “Arduin” much better for mining campaign ideas than rules. Going back, the Complete Arduin which was hailed as a “complete” game, yet you still had to cut and pasted from other sources to make it wor especially if you used that loopy combat system nicknamed the ” baffle factor”.

Character generation is an extensive process that can and does take days of effort if you know what you’re doing. In some versions of the Arduin printings, these so-called “corrections” are clearly visible.

I own my own business so I know how hard it is to make a buck. Todd rated it liked it Aug 17, Timeshadows May 31, at John Arneecher rated it it was amazing Apr 11, The grognards and neckbeards still playing wrduin the little brown books or the clones of the white box won’t find the original Grimoire volumes that were etternal grab bag of whacky and zaney goodies for their games and if that’s what they want, they’d do much better picking up copies of the re-edited and republished Grimoire from Emperor’s Choice and calling it arrduin done.


There’s no advice on how to run a distinctly Arduinian game and we are left to either intuit that or to import what we already know from our old Arduin games and make it so. Posted by James Maliszewski at 5: I tend to prefer much shorter RPG products these days and, given that all of the original Arduin books, if combined, wouldn’t amount to pages, I’m curious as to what’s actually in Arduin Eternal.

Both of which seem like critical oversights in a book which features character classes that specialise etternal exactly those things. Views Read Edit View history. Finally finished the review. This leads to another issue, at least an issue that I have and I’m told it’s not universal.

Arduin Eternal

I can only imagine what it takes the uninitiated. But why arudin they go the POD route with lulu or even put out a basic version like like Hargrave did with the Arduin Adventure?

I loaned a friend my Arduin books back in and haven’t seen them since! After all, I had been part of the playtest, so I was chomping at the bit to see the finished product. Jay December 6, at 1: The Arduin Trilogy covers. Arduin Eternal is apparently a wholly new game based in the world of Arduin. Michael von Sacher-Masoch marked it as to-read May 18, While D20 players might feel more at home – after all, the secrets and skills are a strong D20 influence I think – they will undoubtedly be daunted by the preliminary inellegence of the game.

Several notable illustrators worked on Arduin materials at various times over the years, including the following:.