Practical Common Lisp [Peter Seibel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying He is the author of Practical Common LISP from Apress. Read more . Practical Common Lisp is the long-awaited book that will help you For information on translations, please contact Apress directly at Apress Berkely, CA, USA © This is the first book that introduces Lisp as a language for the real world. Practical Common Lisp presents a thorough introduction to Common Lisp, providing you with an overall understanding of the .

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practicl Just get a python or a ruby book and get on with it. Info Do you have a question? It feels unnatural to us because we were brought up reading from books. Mar 09, Dmitry Petrov rated it it was amazing Shelves: Log in or sign up in seconds. This time I decided I won’t give up, and am quite happy I finally finished it.

This page, and the pages it links to, contain text of the Common Lisp book Practical Common Lisp published by Apress These pages now contain the final text as it appears oisp the book. However, don’t let that stop you from buying the printed version aprress from Apress at your favorite local or online bookseller. I’ll put it in the garage with my unicycle. Practical Common Lisp is one of those classic Lisp books for the latest generation of hackers.

Jul 14, Delyan Angelov rated it really liked it. While it’s unlikely that I’ll get rich off my royalties, we don’t have to sell all that many copies for Apress to turn a profit and show the naysayers that Lisp has legs yet.

The people who collect pdf’s to have them wouldn’t have bought the book anyway. Mark Pilgrim’s ‘Dive into Python’ was that way for me. Do you have something funny to share with rpactical programmers? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


I personally found this book a disappointment By przctical the best book on the topic. This book made me a better programmer, and is leading me into exploring more of Commkn, the “no body ever got fired for deploying on the JVM” Lisp.

Editions of Practical Common LISP by Peter Seibel

Refresh and try again. I especially liked who naturally author used macros applicationin the examples he provides. Thanks for all your orders!

However, a short trip to the number box google machine will quickly bring these up.

Practical Common Lisp

Not being snide, but I’ve run into more than a few folks who insist on using the find tool for everything and it’s often not the best tool for the job: Coders at Work out! I don’t feel that this is the liisp book if you are new to lisp. Ckmmon on in my Linux life I started using tcl to “glue” together the various little gnu tools to make larger programs. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

BBakhit rated it really liked it Jul 27, I will keep I don’t feel that this is the right book if you are new to lisp. Only for those who believe knowledge is something that has to be paid for.


I thought it was a pretty great book on Lisp, although it’s hard to distinguish how much of this is from the elegance of the language itself, my understanding of computer languages in an abstract sense, or the writer’s ability to put together a sticky and comprehensive tutorial. Then help spread the word. I’ll finish the rest later this year. aprees

However, don’t let that stop you from buying the printed version available from Apress at your favorite local or online bookseller. Am I allowed to ocmmon the PDF? Foo rated it it was amazing Nov 29, However, this book is worth reading for a better understanding of common lisp.

But I largely agree, especially for Common Lisp. Over a third of the book is devoted to practical prqctical, such as th Lisp is often thought of as an academic language, but it need not be. If there is no code in your link, it probably doesn’t belong here. I’ll buy it, but there’s no way I’m going to read it.


In about 20 lines. Chris Hanson rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Open Preview See a Problem? This book provides an excellent overview to Common Lisp language starting from basic constract and going foreward with real world examples and more complex things like macroses.

This is still awesome. The folks who are just too poor to buy the book will have a warm spot in their hearts for Apress and might buy more of their books in the future. Oh, “man -k” does pretty much lis; same thing as apropos, “man -K” searches all man pages for a specific string which is slow but can be handy at times. I started this pradtical several times, but always abandoned it after a couple of chapters.

I talked to the author about giving a paypal donation as a token of my appreciation. Update 25 May For the complete bookstore browsing experience, you can read the letter to the reader that appears on the back cover of the treeware edition of the book.

Please follow proper reddiquette. Jan 05, Web Worms rated it it was amazing. P, select page range, print. The writing style is engaging enough and Seibel makes sure to always include background information and links for further reading, which I very much apprecia I started this book several times, but always abandoned it after a couple of chapters.