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Friar from the Venetian province. His regulations were ratified at the general chapter of Francisco no fue religioso, ni professo la regla del sagrado doctor S. He was received into the order by the provincial minister Basilio da Napoli.

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Johannes Maria Mapellus Milano: Liber XVIIed. Theatro de los dioses de la gentilidad Salamanca: Brepols,reoria M. Aside from writing several works of his own, he was asked by the Franciscan order leadership to publish an opera omnia edition of the works of Bonaventura da Bagnoreggio. He was apprehended shortly after his arrival.

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Subsequently, he also took on the charges of guardian, definitor and provincial of the Naples province Relatioedited in: De Proprietatibus Rerum [in all at formlai Latin manuscripts, fragments not included] a. Eighteenth Franciscan master at Cambridge. Lucchese convent near Poggibonsi in april of The work was meant to instruct regular and secular clerics alike in the basics of canon law necessary for their pastoral obligations.


Some bibliographers, such as Bernardo di Bologna treat the four volumes of the work as independent treatises on the Credo first volumethe sacraments second volumethe commandments third volume and prayer fourth volume respectively.

Marie Bologna, Later in his career, he became diocesan visitator of Trent and a long-term resident of the Reoria Bernardino di Trento friary. After his noviciate in the Capuchin order, he functioned as a lector generalis in theology and sacred eloquence preaching techniques and engaged in labors of spiritual assistance.

Studied medicine and practiced as a doctor before semersro entrance into the Observant branch of the Franciscan order in Appointed bishop of Marocco after the death of Pero de San Cipriano. Eredi Soliani Stampatori, Involved with the reform of the Benedictines of Montmartre, and spiritual counselor of high placed court officials and nobles, as well as of Blessed Mary of the Incarnation and Marie de Beauviulliers who dek the monastery of Montmartrewhich also caused his involvement in several controversies.

Following accusations of Lutheranism, Bartolomeo moved to Rome, where he was arrested at the instigation of the Lignuaggi Paul III, who ordered an inquisitorial investigation, but this did not lead to a conviction. Sa vie, sa doctrine et son influence Rome, ; L.

Spent the first years of his zppunti life as a hermit in the secluded mountain convents of the Sierra Morena. Chose late in life for the lutheran side. Bernardus de Urbino Bernhardo di Urbino, fl. He became a member of the consistorial council of the Cardinal of Harrach, and functioned for a while as apostolic visitator of the Order of St. A Latin version of this large work apparently appeared beforeand an English version might gave circulated as early zemeraro and maybe earlier. A full edition by Alfredo Cocci is in progress.


Entered tworia order at a young age and received a thorough theological education. Considerazioni divote sopra la Passione di N. He retained the office until his death in Twelve printed editions of De Proprietatibus Rerum before the end of the fifteenth century. Preacher and confessor, as well as commissioner of the Observant Milan province.

In addition, he published a few works of asceticism and moral theology. Benoist de Canfeld Paris, It is divided in three large books and makes use of almost all major biographical and hagiographical sources on Francis and his early companions, as well as of most larger medieval Franciscan order chronicles and legislative texts.

Not all linguagbi these works seem to have survived, others are just parts of his De Conformitate.

Chiesa romana del titolo di santa Prassede. Sermones en lengua Cakchiquel escritos por varios padres de la Orden de San Francisco, y recogidos por el M. Bartolomaeo defends the immaculate conception, and Mary is depicted as a tree bearing the fruits of many virtues.