View and Download Digi AnywhereUSB user manual online. Digi Remote I/O Concentrator. AnywhereUSB Remote Control pdf manual download. View and Download Digi AnywhereUSB/5 installation manual online. REMOTE I/ O CONCENTRATOR. AnywhereUSB/5 Switch pdf manual download. AnywhereUSB User Manual ( Rev. J). 3. Digi Contact Information. Product information is available on the Digi website, , including.

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Select General, Serial, or Network for the appropriate information. Regulatory And Safety Information This device may not cause harmful interference, and This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

When enabled, this client device will initiate the connection to the Connectware Mabual server. Anywhereksb or disables the Telnet service.

Each USB device reports its power requirements to the operating system, which then enables and disables the device as a function of its power requirements and the amount of available power.

This equipment Edgeport, and Hubport are either trademarks or generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency registered trademarks of Digi International, Inc. This option only applies when the Connectware server is being used to configure and manage the device. Reboot the PC to complete the driver removal. If enabled, the AnywhereUSB will wait the specified amount of time after a connection to the Connectware Manager server is ended, and then it will reconnect to the Connectware Manager server.

RealPort software provides a virtual connection to serial devices, no matter where they reside on the network. The Update Firmware page is displayed. This is an optional setting which is only used when DHCP is enabled. Or, log back on to the device by clicking the link on the screen. A hub can detect attachment and detachment of downstream devices and enable and monitor the distribution of the power to downstream devices via their integral hardware and the operating system.


Unique features also include full hardware and software flow control, as well as tunable latency and throughput. Understanding Hubs Manuao are critical components in the plug-and-play architecture. If the Digi splash screen does not launch, run the AWSplash. This checkbox enables or disables use of SNMP. HTML pages for configuration have appropriate security. If desired, you can enable password authentication.

The Utility automatically discovers Concentrators on your local subnet. Select anywheeeusb appropriate profile and Click Apply. A server-initiated connection works the opposite way. Note that you can access only one AnywhereUSB through each firewall.

Digi AnywhereUSB User Manual

Anywbereusb Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Digi International. In addition, any files that were loaded into the device through the File Management page such as custom-interface files and applet files are retained.

The screen will refresh within a few seconds. They are wiring concentrators that enable the attachment of multiple devices, thus converting a single attachment point into multiple attachment points. You must tally both external and embedded hubs when counting downstream hubs.

Each LED is capable of displaying three colors: Page 23 Command Menu: When using serial ports for the terminal emulator’s host or keyboard connections, those ports must be configured for the Custom port anyhereusb.

In a client-initiated connection, the AnywhereUSB attempts to reach the Connectware Manager server to establish the connection. AnywhereUSB IP Address has not yet been configured, or is configured to connect to a non-existent Group in the case it is a multi-host connections anywhegeusb device.

The host computer then attempts to connect to the AnywhereUSB. Wait approximately 1 minute for the reboot to complete. Refer to Chapter 9 for more information about multi-host connections. Advanced Settings These settings are used in advanced situations and the defaults are typically suitable for most environments. It is usually best to use the default network port numbers for these services because they anywhereueb well known by most applications.


The profile can be changed, or retained but individual settings adjusted. Actually, the devices are connected to a Digi device somewhere on the network. Select Install Drivers from the Digi splash screen see Figure 3. These configuration options may include: Note the Host List column on the far-right. Disconnect when Connectware Management is idle Idle Timeout: This is the typical connection method.

It is recommended that only the enclosed power supply be used anywhereuxb the AnywhereUSB. The multi-host connections feature allows multiple host PCs to establish concurrent connections with the AnywhereUSB unit.


For more information mqnual installing the Connectware Manager server, consult the documentation that anywherrusb included with the server. If discovery fails, ensure that Windows firewall is off. Network services that can be enabled or disabled include: When one of the supplies crashes the other will provide the complete power to the device.

Table of Contents Table of Contents If disabled, users cannot Telnet to the device. Doing so will damage your AnywhereUSB. If an interface does not obtain a DNS server, it will be skipped and the next server in the priority list will be tried. Enables or disables the use of SNMP.