The Renegades of Pern: (#7) (The Dragonriders of Pern) [Anne McCaffrey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As long as the people of Pern. While recent tales of Pern have dealt with early eras on that turbulent planet, Anne McCaffrey, Author Del Rey Books $ (p) ISBN . The Renegades of Pern is the tenth book in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. It covers a time period that is parallel to the original.

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One is to tell a new story of the trader Reneggades trying to protect Aramina, the girl who hears dragons. This story is unique in that its timeline runs parallel with several other novels in the Pern series. As he leaves, Piemur looks at a drawing of his of a hill at the ancient settlement, and notices it may be a buried building.

The Renegades of Pern – Wikipedia

I have been thoroughly entertained this time around and it has been so enjoyable getting to know these characters again. Start reading The Renegades of Pern on your Kindle in under a minute. Every time I pick up a Pern book, I would rather pick up my phone to play a time wasting game like solitaire or Sudoku. This was an fantastic book. In exchange for sanctuary in the huge stone fortresses, the people tithed to their Lord Holders, who in turn supported the Weyrs, whose dragons were Pern’s greatest weapon against Thread.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The Southern Continent bits, while interesting, and certainly set the scene for the next boo While not a bad book, not a great book either, especially compared to most of the other Pern novels. Jayge travels first to Igen Caverns for information, then to Keroon Hold, where he helps transport mares to the Beastmasterhold and then to Benden Hold – where he becomes attracted to a dark-haired girl, who he decides to attend the Benden Gather with after he returns from Benden Weyr – before traveling north to Benden Weyr, where he sees Thella with two men.

Piemur decides to wait until things settle down before revealing the existence of Paradise River. I don’t think I missed much. Those bits are actually probably my favorite. After the injured traders make it to Far Cry Hold, Jayge joins one of Asgenar’s troops in the hopes of tracking down Thella, who they note has begun raiding desperately.

Therefore it overlaps several of the other books, adding details from a different perspective, often that of the dispossessed, some of whom become renegades, some by choice, others by force of circumstance. And every time I read one of the love scenes, I just roll my eyes.


It seems a poorly put-together book, but I nevertheless relished the bits about Piemur growing up and continuing his story from Dragondrums. Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day When will my order arrive? The kindle version has many grammatical errors, but easy enough if you have held the book in hand.

The Renegades Of Pern : Anne McCaffrey :

At Southern Holdfollowing a complaint from Mardra that someone went through a sack containing tithesa ship arrives – part of Toric’s secret trades with the Northern Continent – carrying Hamiana Mastersmith and Toric’s brother, and a number of holdless men pernn aid in expanding the holding – Hamian reveals a dragonless man, Gironwas supposed to join them, but he disappeared en route, running after sweepriders.

Jayge and several others then follow the trail left by the injured raiders, only to find that they have been killed. In time, he hears that Lord Jaxom of Ruatha Hold has fallen ill in a cove to the east and is being treated by Sharra, and he continues on to it. All of her series are great but the ones that take place on Pern are the best of all.

All the Weyrs mccafrfey Pern. Two days later, a recent “earthshake” is found to have unearthed an entrance to the caves, which they discover to be full of sealed crates, containing an immense number of ancient artifacts, which they begin cataloguing – during this time, Piemur meets Jancisthe granddaughter of Mastersmith Fandarelwho he gradually falls in love with.

At Southern Hold, Toric decides to deal with the vast numbers of people trying to get to the Southern Continent by sending Piemur to meet with Masterharper Robinton to negotiate changing the restrictions on Southern Hold – leading to the meeting with the Benden Weyrleaders in ” The White Dragon “, and a number of inexperienced Lord Holder’s sons being sent to Southern Hold, much to Toric’s displeasure – although Piemur notes they will whip them into shape.

Her presence does further the storyline of both Thella and Jayge. The pass of the Red Star had brought a new terrible reign of Threadfall, and in the southern Hold, Toric was carving out an enormous empire for himself from lands as yet uncharted.

I will say, IMO, Aramina played a minor roll in the story even though she was hyped up as a major character. There are quite a few characters, but those from other books that you continue to follow.

If you love PERN you will love this. I really like this book but you really have to read it along the other books, especially Dragon Drums and The White Dragon. At Cove Hold, Robinton notes a section of caves at the Plateau – which they now know to be called “Landing” – haven’t been excavated. The most compelling stories were about Jayge and the Lilcamp traveling traders and how they survived the first completely unexpected and devastating Thread fall, and Thella, the willful and thwarted Lord Holder’s daughter.


I recommend reading this book after you have completed the two collections: If you haven’t read it yet and you enjoyed the other books I recommend picking it up, especially on sale. This one is an important part of the main story in that you get a new perspective that not everyone on Pern is good and has the vision of most of our protagonists.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Others, like Aramina’s family, had lost their holds through injustice and cruelty. As they leave – having eaten and rennegades much wine – Thella realises they anhe being followed; the herder has hired a man to kill her. However, like the original trilogy, I really got into the sci-fi aspects.

I was a teenager when I first read these though, so who knows what I was thinking through snne first times. It seems a poorly put-tog Dude, even McCaffrey got bored with her own new deeply boring characters halfway through the book, chucked the whole Holdless plotlines for huge swathes, and went back to focusing on Piemur and Toric and the politics of the Southern continent.

By the time the three children of her marriage were comfortably in school most of the day, she had already achieved enough success with short stories to devote full time to writing. Reading in chronological order has been fun.

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And I love the details of other things going on in the world of Pern at large, renegaves things pertaining to the Southern Continent. More time spent in Southern this time pdrn a mini-story in the story with new characters Jayge and Aramina and their nemesis, Thelma, Kylara’s half sister. The story really got me engaged. I liked that Jaxom and Ruth appear for a brief time in the end.

Aug 19, Vista Townsend rated it really liked it. If you skip back and forth makes the whole thing make sense.