Moms Pay High Cost for Caring In a new book, The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued, author and former. The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued. Ann Crittenden, Author Metropolitan Books $25 (p) ISBN. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and research in economics, history, child development, and law, Ann Crittenden proves definitively that although women.

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I think the roles of mothers and fathers continue to evolve, how I have discussed this book with a lot of friends–single working women, stay-at-home mothers, working mothers, and men–and in general, the arguments Crittenden presents make a lot of sense. I have always known, and this book reiterated, that raising children is real work and it is work that provides value for the whole society. Crittenden makes a forceful argument that the anachronistic, dependent status of mothers and other caregivers is the unfinished business of the woman’s movement.

Motyerhood 19, Kimberley rated it it was amazing.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This is better than the current tax credits because it goes to all parents, not just those rich enough to owe taxes.

She is not eligible for unemployment insurance if she works part-time or at home; and she is not eligible for disability insurance; ie: It was written in the late 90s, and the data it draws from shows this. And I hoped for affirmation of my life’s hardest and most important work: Motherhood is mothrehood lip service, and very little else. I read it many years ago and still think about it often today.


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Return to Book Page. It was very research based and packed with content. I did complete a master’s degree while caring for children, so it isn’t lack of intelligence or lack of hard work. I loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone interested. Ann Crittenden was a journalist for Newsweek and the New York Times before she decided to leave her full-time career and devote her time to full-time caregiving for her child.

off I had wondered why there are so few women in positions of power in the workforce. All this unpaid labor is going unrecognized economically. With welfare reform, mothers are forced into the workplace and children into low-quality substitute care. I appreciated her depth of research, however, many of her studies come from the mids.

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But it was a fascinating read. I must use other measures than financial to value my family relationships. The first is that the children in the first instances still have a living father who is supposed to provide for them and by law is required to via his child support payments.

Throughout my adult life, as time passed, with considerable reflection and equal doses of gladness and sadness, I have stayed that initial course. This is outlined by studies done in developing countries where payments to fathers often go to booze or drugs and payments to mothers go to children’s educations. The book concludes with some suggestions on how those rules can be changed. More about the book: In high-pressure, educated fields such as accounting, law, and science, women who have children are always making less and achieving less than men and childless women.


Female Rage and My Passage into Motherhood. Family law deprives mothers of financial equality in marriage. While that might have been relevant at time of publish,I’m suspicious of how they hold up now.

The Price of Motherhood Quotes by Ann Crittenden

Nearly all of the problems she describes are modern issues, many caused by feminism’s social experiments and the breakdown of the family. I think that this book is valuable for answering questions that a lot of young women have before starting a family but are unsure where to look for answers.

As a stay at home mother of 5 the title of this book intrigued me. Mothers — United States — Social conditions. The costs of motherhood are everywhere apparent.

The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World Is Still the Least Valued

I would recommend this book for anyone curious about or planning for the financial aspects of parenthood. So-called family income in fact belongs solely to “he who earns it. I just finished reading this book and, I have to say, I haven’t concentrated so hard on a text since college.

Those families who Motherhood try and live on that married man’s income. Make this your default list. We now know that roughly two-thirds of GDP is created by “human capital” – by curious, capable, skilled human beings. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.