This handbook is designed to be a useful collection of engineering and technical information on electrical and optical wire and cable and related products. Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Read more about conductor, cables, electrical, conductors, voltage and resistance. View Anixter Cable from ENG 1 at Tsinghua University. WIRE AND CABLE TECHNICAL INFORMATION HANDBOOK $ HARDBOUND $

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It is resistant to ozone and ultraviolet sunlight degradation. The lower the AWG number the larger the wire diameter. Generally, conductor size on long, low-voltage lines is governed by voltage drop; on short, high-voltage lines by heating. BRAID — Textile or metallic filaments interwoven to form a tubular structure which may be applied over one or more wires or flattened to form a strap.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. In some designs, the insulating material may also serve as the protective covering. STAN part 4 Cables, electrical insulated flexible cords and flexible cables Cables, electrical for power and lighting Cables, special purpose, electrical subminiature electric cables DEF. This allows the connector manufacturers flexibility to design their own style into a compliant connector.

The above values should be used for general comparisons only. Frequently used conversions are shown in bold type. As a result, a crimping procedure is not used during the installation of a connector. Tubular metallic sheathed a.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

Jacket As with conventional metallic cables, the jacket protects the core from the external environment. It offers high performance though it is large in size and cumbersome hanbook handle.

The cable can then be purged as described above. H Conductor constructions having a range of areas from 5, circular mils and employing 91 stranded members of 19 wires each down to No.


The splices and terminations techniczl be removed if they interfere with the flow of air or nitrogen. A light pulse is sent down the fiber and as it encounters a fault, connector, splice, etc.

Stay clear of energized cable. This family of cables is electrically and dimensionally interchangeable with silicone-glass insulated cables of equivalent sizes and is covered by Military Specification MIL-C An OTDR is able to determine the distance to the reflection and the amount of signal loss at that point. This new family of lightweight cables is constructed from cross-linked polyalkene and micapolyimide insulation and a cross-linked polyolefin jacket.

Wire and Cable Technical Information Handbook: Anixter: : Books

Next, find the current value on the chart for the proper temperature rise temperature rating minus ambient temperature and conductor size. Cable Types and Selection Criteria 59 7. Also, the diameter of the engagement end of the pin. It does not melt in the usual sense. In common usage, anixger with modem; the equipment that provides the functions required to establish, maintain, and terminate a connection as well as the signal conversion required for communications between the DTE and the telephone line or data circuit.

Proper selection depends on the environment in which the cable will be installed. General purpose communication cables must be labeled Type Techmical.

True inside cable, on handbool other hand, is typically larger 25 to pair 22 or 24 AWG cable which is installed exclusively indoors in larger public and commercial buildings. It is fairly flame retardant and can be made even more flame retardant by careful formulation. NBN Lead-sheathed, paper-insulated telephone and signaling cables for industrial and private networks.

The intent of the Code is to insure the electrical and fire safety of electrical equipment. AWM — Appliance wiring material. The higher percentage of coverage, the greater the protection against external interference. Cable losses are usually calculated for the highest frequency carried on the cable. At the start of each length, secure the conductors to the outside of the interlocked armor or outer covering over the interlocked armor with cabble light ibformation 10 to 16 AWG lashing wire.


The dielectric constant is typically 2. Elevator lighting and control cable with thermoset insulation. ACSR aluminum conductor, steel reinforced — A bare composite of aluminum and steel wires, usually aluminum around steel. Proof Testing—At any time during the period of guarantee the cable circuit may be removed from service and tested at a reduced voltage normally 65 percent of the original acceptance value for 5 consecutive minutes. Larger diameter cables or those requiring on-the-reel tests may necessitate a longer lead.

However, other metals are sometimes used for specialized applications. If the roll direction is not indicated, roll the reel in the same direction it was turned when the cable was wound onto the reel.

With optical fibers, however, the selection of materials is influenced by the fact that the thermal coefficient of expansion of glass is significantly lower than that of the metal or plastic used in the cable structure. They are made of the same alloys and have the same color codes as extension wire.

Conductors can also be wrapped with tape of Teflon TFE. Do not confuse a flexible cable having a multilayer outer shield with triaxial cable.

The opto-electronic equipment used will informatjon an optical interface of a specific connector type. It has excellent abrasion resistance. Plenum rated cables jacketed with Flamarrest meet UL Standard This makes it suitable for thin wall insulations. This specifies the minimum and maximum temperatures at which the cable can operate.

The minimum drum hub diameters given in Section Attach a one-gallon plastic bag to the exhaust end of the cable.