We now proceed to the Samudrika-lakshana or chiromantic signs, good and bad, . It is laid down in the Shastras (scriptures) that the wise should never, under. Aug 8, Thread: ANGA LAKSHANA – Judging a Girl from her Features & Looks! . Samudrika Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as. Mar 1, Samudrik Shastra: What Your Physical Appearance Says of Your ling’, Angalakshan describes very long penis will bring poor finances and.

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The wife of a Brahman; of a Shrotiya Brahman samudirka in the Vedas ; of an Agnihotri priest who keeps up the sacred fireand of a Puranik reader of the Puranas.

If the 2nd toe is longer than great toe, it indicates conjugal happiness before and after marriage. Palms If a woman has slightly red palms, raised in the middle, with fingers evenly spaced with few lines on palm, then that is a very auspicious sign. Back of Hands Soft without hair, well-built is lucky.

Samudrika Shastra – Decoding woman’s personality with Samudrika Shastra

If the number of teeth in lower jaw are more than in the upper jaw or yellowish, long or double, spread out, are indications of bad luck. Forehead A woman who has five lines formed on her forehead, when she squinches her head lives a long healthy life. Second, during or at smaudrika Sankranti-parvani, that is to say, when sbastra sun or a planet passes from one side of the zodiac to another.

And now as regards the other sex. Ninth, in samurdika guard-room, police-station, or in any government place where prisoners are confined. There is conflicting scientific evidence as to the role of testosterone in male aggression, apparently, but you don’t hear about a lot of interior designers taking steroids. If there is a line starting from the thumb to the finger of Mercury, she will suffer widowhood. Without veins showing through, without hair, like a half Moon, even, width equal to that of 4 fingers are signs of a fortunate girl blessed with children and husband.


Indeed, where the humour bump should have been, there was instead a slight depression. Phrenologists then made their living by measuring people’s heads, often with elaborate mechanical calipers, as a kind of personality test. He’s got a face as wide as the back of a bus. The tenth is judgment in collecting and in storing up what may be necessary.

A greyish pupil indicates selfish personality. Back of Hands If she has soft skin, without hair or light-colored hair, and is well-built than she is lucky for the man samudeika is married too.

And furthermore, the woman who, instead of answering a straightforward question, replies by joking and jesting words; who slowly and deliberately follows us wherever we go; who, under some pretext or other, dwells upon our faces or forms with a wistful and yearning glance; who delights in walking before us and displaying her legs or her bosom; who behaves to us with a mean and servile submission, ever praising and flattering; who contracts friendships with our friends and who is ever asking them, “In samudeika house of such and such a person, are there any wives?

Samudrika Shastra- A woman’s face hold the secrets of her life

Eleventh, the wife of a very ugly man. Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac. Thighs A woman who has fleshy, round, like an elephant’s trunk with considerate spacing between thighs with light colored hair, then it denotes that she has great chances to be married to a highly successful man.

In Hindu, as well as in Muslim families, women are sufficiently secluded to require the assistance of feminine Mercuries in matters of marriage.

Head High and round like an elephant’s head is lucky. Great and powerful monarchs have ruined themselves and their realms by their desire to enjoy the wives of others. If a woman has fleshy, hairless back, it means she will be sexually desirable and would have a content sexual life. He must be young, handsome, wealthy, brave and influential; diligent in business, moderate in enjoying riches, sweet of speech, well versed in discharging his own dudes, known to the world as a mine of virtues, steadfast in mind, and a treasury of mercy, who gives alms and makes charities as far as his means permit.


Samudrika Shastra

Where only lucky indications are given, any indications other than that given is unlucky. Back Fleshy is lucky.

Stout neck denotes widowhood. The consequences of congress at such epochs are as disastrous as if the act took place in a prohibited spot. Thighs Fleshy, round, like an elephant’s sqmudrika or the trunk of a plantain tree, spacing between thighs being very little, without hair, denote that she is good enough to be married by a King.

Palms Red, raised in the middle, fingers shasstra spaced with few lines on palm is a very auspicious sign. It is certain that when there is a considerable difference of age, the younger of the two suffers in appearance, if not in health.

The twentieth is to keep the eye fixed upon a great business; and the twenty-first is to study the means properest znga success. Fifth, by the side of a river or any murmuring stream. This was completely new to me and I decided to know more of it. Pakistan’s Dunkin Donuts franchise offer free meal to Indian tourists as ‘goodwill’ gesture!

Mostly dismissed or ignored by mainstream scientists, phrenology was nevertheless popular, especially in Victorian times. According to Nature Cure Specialists, Nails are an index to a man’s health. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Samudrika Shastra – Wikipedia

shadtra Most of these apply for men also. Cheeks A woman with raised, fleshy, round and naturally pink cheeks is lively in nature and kind to others.

Twelfth, a female ascetic or mendicant in the name of religion.