NEW LIES FOR OLD The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation ANATOLIY GOLITSYN TO THE MEMORY OF Anna Akhmatova CONSCIENCE. Throughout KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s second book Under Golitsyn’s original understanding, as presented in New Lies for Old. New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Steve said: Written Anatoliy Golitsyn. ยท Rating.

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But they also realized that vigorous waving of the anti- Stalinist flag could help them undermine opposition at home and improve their image abroad; some of the damage done by Stalinism could be repaired. In and early he was involved, with a friend, in drawing up a proposal to the Central Committee on the reorganization of Soviet intelligence. This would lead at best to a continuation of the East-West status quo, and at worst to heavier pressure on the communist world from a West equipped with a superior nuclear arsenal.

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It was at Chinese insistence that such references were included. Analogous specialities have been established in the fields of “China-watching” and East European studies. In Bloody Sunday was headlined in every newspaper in Russia, arousing mass indignation throughout the country.

Jeff rated it liked it Apr 27, Written in the s by a KGB defector who claimed that long term USSR disinformation strategy against the west was comprised of several thrusts, including: Golitsyn’s claims about Wilson were believed in particular by the senior MI5 counterintelligence officer Peter Wright. The Soviets, in effect, agreed to abandon their domination of the communist movement.

Disinformation was practiced sporadically by heads of departments acting on the instructions of the head of the service. We were, therefore, more than willing to respond to the author’s requests for help in editing his manuscript for publication, and we commend the book for the most serious study by all who are interested in relations between the communist and noncommunist worlds.

Anatoliy Golitsyn

In he was elected to be a deputy secretary of the party organization in the KGB residency in Vienna, numbering seventy officers. The special role of disinformation is enhanced by the aggressive and ambitious character of communist external policy.


The security and intelligence services of the whole bloc were nsw be mobilized to influence international relations in directions required by the new long-range policy and, in effect, to destabihze the “main enemies” and weaken the alliances between them.

Communist external policy, on the other hand, is global, ideologi- cal, and nnew, and has the final objective of world domination. The book classified different types of disinformation as strategic, political, military, technical, economic, and diplomatic. He managed to take for anayoliy the credit for the exposure of Stalin’s crimes, to conceal his own use of Stalinist methods in the pursuit of power, and to distract attention from the nature of the opposition’s charges against him.

They could act as channels for disinformation; they could be blackmailed and recruited as agents; they could be arrested and given public trials.

Lenin believed that this fundamentally aggressive and ideological policy could prove effective if it was accompanied by the systematic use of misrepresentation and deception, or, to use the current word, PATTERNS: Shelepin was appointed chairman of the KGB in December This combination is not a matter of speculation but an existing and constant reality in communist activity that cannot be arbitrarily ignored by Western governments and scholars without affecting the accuracy and realism of their olv of the fod world.

The cliaracteristics of this disinformation were an apparent moderation in communist ideology, the avoidance of refer- ences to violence in communist methods, the exaggeration of the degree of the restoration of ole in Soviet Russia, the use of a sober and businesslike style in diplomatic and commercial negotiations with the West, and emphasis on disarmament and peaceful coexistence.

Since in the last years of Stalin’s life there was an acute crisis in Soviet affairs and a lack of any coherent policy for resolving it, the special operations of Service 5 were limited in scope to unattributable propaganda operations designed to conceal the crisis and to justify some of the more outrageous and irrational instances of Stalin’s behavior.

Also eurocommunism, the Y I’ve read this because of some conspiracy video said that the convergence theory Approachment of the West and the East by making the West more socialist and the East more capitalist was outlined in it.


The communist world faced hostility from Western conservatives and sociahsts alike.

Expectations of rap- prochement were aroused. In Januarythe KGB sent instructions to fifty-four Rezidentura throughout the world on the actions required to minimize the damage.

The political vulnerability of communist regimes, their concern for stabiHty, and their undemocratic methods of anztoliy internal crises obhge them to use disinformation on a wide scale in order to conceal and dispel the threats to their existence and to present themselves in a favorable light as stable forms of society.

He was to pretend that he was a defector seeking political asylum. Perhaps the folitsyn significant changes of all were the appointments of Mironov and Shelepin. Its role is determined by the particular ways in which communist regimes respond to crises within their systems, by the unlimited extent of communist external objectives, and by the communist capacity for executing a worldwide, long-term, offensive political strategy.



All of this was intended to induce the belief in the outside world that the communist system was weak and losing its revolutionary ardor. New channels were planned and created for feeding disinformation to the West.

Two examples illustrate this. Konrad rated it did not like it Oct 04, New Lies for Old: The “liberalization” would be spectacular and impressive.

But the major feature of this pattern is the projection of alleged splits and crises in the communist world and the alleged evolution of communist states into independent, conventional nation-states motivated like any others primarily by national interests. It has existed in various forms inside and outside the Soviet Union since before It had once been a genuine organization, founded by Czarist generals in Moscow and Leningrad but liquidated by the Soviet security service in It developed in Lenin’s time, flourished under Stalin, and persisted, if less vigorously, under his successors.