PREPARASI SAMPEL Pengeringan sampel. Analisis Kadar Lemak dalam Bahan Pangan. PERALATAN SOXHLET Analisis Sifat Fisiko-Kimia Lemak atau. Berat lemak diperoleh dengan cara memisahkan lemak dengan pelarutnya. dll. dietil ksi Soxhlet Prinsip Analisis • Ekstraksi lemak dengan pelarut. Analisa lemak kasar: Metode ekstraksi soxhlet dengan pelarut organik Analisa serat kasar: Fraksi dari karbohidrat yang tidak larut dalam basa dan asam.

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Melting point In many situations, it is not necessary to soxhoet the SFC over the whole temperature range, instead, only information about the temperature at which melting starts or ends is required. Adulteration of fats and oils can be detected by measuring the type of lipids present, and comparing them with the profile expected for an unadulterated sample. The higher the partition coefficient the more efficient the extraction process.

The Babcock, Gerber and Detergent methods are examples of nonsolvent liquid extraction methods for determining the lipid content of milk and some other dairy products.


The stability and appearance of foods often depends on the rheological characteristics of their components. The tests reflect the amount of volatile organic material in oils and fats such as free fatty acids. The more oxygen that has to be fed into the container, the faster the rate of lipid oxidation.

Triacylglycerols are first saponified which breaks them down to glycerol and free fatty acids, and are then methylated. Instruments based on this principle heat the food sample to be analyzed in a pressurized chamber and then mix supercritical CO2 fluid with it.


Thiobarbituric acid TBA This is one of the most widely used tests for determining the extent of lipid oxidation. The saponification number is then calculated from a knowledge of the weight of sample and the amount of KOH which reacted.


This method is based on the absorbance of IR energy at a wavelength of 5. A major disadvantage of the techniques which rely on measurements of the bulk physical properties of foods are soxhldt a calibration curve must be prepared between the physical property of interest and the total lipid content, and this may depend on the type of lipid present and the food matrix it is contained in.

Techniques based on differential scanning calorimetry are also commonly used to monitor changes in Lwmak. Solvent Extraction The fact that lipids are soluble in organic solvents, but insoluble in water, provides the food analyst with a convenient method of separating the lipid components in foods from water soluble components, doxhlet as proteins,carbohydrates and minerals.

Special instruments are available to analizis out solvent extraction at elevated temperatures and pressures. Some of the most commonly used “melting points” are: The Babcock method takes about 45 minutes to carry out, and is precise to within 0. Sample Preparation It is important that the sample chosen for analysis is representative of the lipids present in the original food, and that its properties are not altered prior to the analysis.

Some of the most important properties of concern to the food analyst are: Solusi Rotary Evaporasi Laboratorium Solusi yang A variety of methods have been developed to measure the temperature dependence anaalisis the solid fat content.


Pada hasil ekstraksi akan dihasilkan berupa minyak kemiri yang relative murni Alfin. If lipid oxidation is a problem it is important to preserve the sample by using a nitrogen atmosphere, cold temperature, low light or adding antioxidants.


Published on Nov View Download 4. These instruments are finding greater use because of the cost and environmental problems associated with the usage and disposal of organic solvents. The acid value is defined as the mg of KOH necessary to neutralize the fatty acids present in 1g of lipid. Each type of fat has a different profile of lipids present which determines the precise nature of its nutritional and physiochemical properties.

Kedelapan, dilakukan ekstraksi 6 kali sirkulasi pelarut n-heksana. Extracciones Con Equipo Soxhlet Documents. The concentration of different volatile fatty acid methyl esters FAMEs present in the sample is then analyzed using GC.

In addition, calibration curves prepared for instrumental methods usually require that the fat content be measured using a standard method. Usually, the lipid is placed in a sealed container and the amount of oxygen that must be input into the container to keep the oxygen concentration in the head-space above the sample constant is measured. Rheology is the science concerned with the deformation and flow of matter. Accelerated Oxidation Tests Rather than determining the extent of lipid oxidation in a particular food, it is often more important soxylet know its susceptibility to oxidation.

Asam lemak Palmiat dan Stearat termasuk golongan asam lemak jenuh sengakan asam oleat, linoleat termasuk asam lemak tak jenuh Ketaren, The pressure and temperature of the solvent analusis then reduced which causes the CO2 to turn to a gas, leaving the lipid fraction remaining.