Amarakosam (Telugu) Hardcover – by Amara The Amarakosha Is A Thesaurus Of Sanskrit Written By The Ancient Indian Scholar Amarasimha. of Amarakosha” National Book Stall, Kottayam. 8. TELUGU TO SANSKRIT MACHINE TRANSLATION SYSTEM-AN HYBRID APPROACH. Liṅgayyasūrin explains the derivations and meanings of amara-words. He also gives the Telugu equivalent words in his commentary. His commentary was well .

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Vaisravam Kubera has grammatical pecuHarity: Jt vTrfer i i II? There is an enumeration of twenty-six kosa-s and author of lexicons, among whom Amara is called sandtana.

Ill In the case of parivdda censure he has the well-known reading parivddah as illustrated in Ragh. Contains fragments of the first and second Kanda-s. Amaakosha your account is registered, just sign in and unsubscribe from newsletters in profile settings.

amarakosha related Sanskrit Documents in Telugu script

This happens too often to be considered as fortuitous. Request call within India. The Amarakosha consists of verses that can be easily memorized.

He quotes him 15 times. The milk-hedge plant is variously named sihunda, simhunda and sihunda. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. Hence the mastery of this lexicon is ordained at a very early stage when a student commences his studies.

Svamin no doubt derives most of the words, but in many places the explanation amafakosha not full and in some places positively meagre. About the Samgraha Patanjali says in his Mahdbhdsya, I- 1- 1 on which Kaiyata gives the gloss granthavisese, which is further amplified by Nagojibhatta as a work consisting of one hundred thousand verses.

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It is concise, comprehensive and indisputably the most memorized dictionary in the world. I qcRFgrr q- ‘: Retrieved from ” https: Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources.


Ks notes another reading pdrk- pdrsvika-s [pdripdrhikd iti vd pdthah, fn. Venkatarama Sarma helped in the collation of the first Kanda and the preparation of the index of authors and works and Pandit T. However, godhe and tale are in the dual as these gloves are always used in a pair. Express Courier working days; Standard Delivery: Svamin has tdmyati tdmram p. In the first place his synonyms are very meagre, a large number found in other lexicons having been omitted, e.

The wagtail khanjantahe quotes from the Rasaratndkara, has some mysterious power. On the analogy of satamanyu performer of a hundred horse-sacri- fices the word satamakha has found favour in popular usage, but parallel to harihayali, the word haryasvah is not employed, since certain words have become rudha such as karihayah, but yaugika words of the same significance are not allowed.

The spurious character of these additions can be determined by the treatment accorded to them by well-known commentators. Bi omits 10 lines. His knowledge of political science is witnessed by citations from a large number of authorities such as Kaman- daka, Sajjana, Brhaspati, Nitigajdhkusa, Somadevaniti and Dhvanimanjari.

Amara has been considered a Buddhist and that may be the reason for the translation of the Ak. Please note that mailing lists are independent from each other. Surin says at the very outset of this Varga that he amarkosha to include meanings left out by the author due to his fear of increasing the bulk of the work; SfgrRI I v.

He had necessarily to use his dis- crimination and delete a large number of aprasiddha words. Amarasimha is said to have been one of the Navaratnas “nine gems” at the court of Chandragupta IIa Gupta king who reigned around AD Da, Ki, Amaraksoha, Wj. D2, K2, Kg; Kg. After explaining makaranda as honey and adding the form maranda given in the Vaijayanti, he mentions another word madhulikd which is illustrated by: The word kdsthataks carpenter is somewhat puzzling in its declension and hence he gives the forms as kdsthatat kdsthataksau kdsthataksah p.


Thus in the beginning of the Brahmavarga in Kanda II when Amara lists the words for the offsprings of the people of all classes Surin has the avatdrikd: Contains the second and third Kanda-s.

The first device is that the amarakoshaa of gender is made by the form of the word such as the endings xn. Girl, maarakosha to the temple and worship Amxrakosha and Parvati ; evidently he has a large number of such popular lines in his repertoire. The work of Surin is a very- valuable accession to the lexicographical literature in Sanskrit. The declension of the word tita-u sieve has already been referred to p. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

Contains the first and second Kanda-s. I The readings mentioned above are but a few specimens out of the hundreds which he has indicated and explained. Surin realizes that readers generally remember amarakohsa main topics only and hence he reminds them of the associated words such as naukd boat in dealing with Varivarga. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Articles lacking reliable references from June All articles lacking reliable references Articles with multiple maintenance issues All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Good wri tin g.

The twang made by a bow in battle is visphdrah; Malli. Amarahhdsya and Amaravdrttika, etc: