Companion to Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas was an intellectual and epicure, who passionately cooked and collected recipes in Paris. When I read The Alice B Toklas Cook Book for the first time, More than a cookbook and memoir, it could almost be called a work of literary. The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook has ratings and 80 reviews. Paul said: starsYes this really is primarily a cookbook with some reminiscences thrown.

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I did not aalice try any of the recipes for fear I might drop dead on the spot. Of course, the most famous recipe in the book is in the chapter which is recipes contributed by friends; Hashish Fudge, with the recommendation that two pieces are enough and a batch will cause great hilarity at any party.

First Time in Paris? Speaking in the voice of her companion, Stein can entirely dispense with the fiction of humility that the conventional autobiographer must at every moment struggle to maintain.

I wouldn’t read it for the recipes unless you like using lard, heavy cream, butter and pork fat, but I loved the way the memoir was woven in with the recipes.

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The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook : Alice B. Toklas :

She remembers buying two hams and hundreds of cigarettes immediately after the San Francisco earthquake, whilst that city was still burning. It toolas the literary bargain of the year for me.

Toklasa fictional autobiography, both women became celebrities. A box Out of kindness comes redness and out of rudeness comes rapid same question, out of an eye comes research, out of selection comes painful cattle.

Recipes from the Famous Cookbook by Alice B. Toklas

Toklas was quite the unusual character in American history and literature, and as she was always the secretary-companion to Gertrude Stein,and never an author herself, it is nice to hear her voice in this volume as well as to receive the numerous recipes from both American and French cuisine that she collected during their life together in France.


I last heard Press mention of it some six or seven years ago when UK sufferers of multiple sclerosis were lobbying for cannabis to be legalised for medical usage. You get so much with this book: She was born into a middle-class Jewish family her father had been a Polish army officer and attended schools in both San Francisco and Seattle. People who like random stories about crazy adventures. We had the promise of the house, which we never saw any nearer than across the valley, as soon as the lieutenant should leave.

It’s so funny how bold she is about how good the recipes are.

Making History: Aromas and Flavors of Past and Present by Alice B. Toklas

The chapter on the Nazi occupation is interesting. There are interesting recollections throughout the book of their friends famous and less famous. Toklas Cook Book contains the full text of the previous editions with the bonus of recently unearthed recipes which have never before been published in book form.

And remembered that just cookboook all of a butchered animal was eaten in one form of another. It is in reality a lovely, informative and entertaining book about what eating and cooking in France, in one’s own home, friends homes, great homes and also restaurants grand and humble, during the first half of the 20th century was like.

What kind of a genius she was is hard to pin down. I’m sorry that her life ended with her penniless and alone. The food choices that were available far exceed our choices at the supermarket. Ailce was a kindly old farmer who always told us allez doucement, go slowly. Read this book for that frisson if you wish; but your prime reason for reading this book should be to experience, learn from, and replicate the warmth, love, and good fellowship of the circle of friends who are inevitably drawn to surround a good and sociable cook.


The most famous culinary experiment is a concoction called ” Hashish Fudge”.

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Then there are the ones that use linen bags of herbs and other things that I just can’t be bothered to do. The introduction he gives to the cookbookk is one of the cleverest parts of the book, suggesting the fudge to enliven meetings of the DAR and commenting that the ingredients he gives the Latin botanical name for the hashish may be difficult to find in the U.

Is it an error that never got corrected, or is it authentic? I say, give it a miss. Housing soldiers and officers had its up ciokbook, however. Lists with This Book. What to buy in Paris. It’s a fun read and well written allowing you to enter into the life and times from a very interesting age, plus the dishes sound delicious. When well mixed, removed from blender, heat and serve very hot.

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They said it was their patriotic duty to sell what the Germans forbade. The parts about the wars are very good, and I marked many recipes of interest.

Two years later, in “Tender Buttons,” inspired by cubist still lifes, Stein raises the stakes: Worth a read, but unlikely to go back, unless it’s for a recipe that’s since gone out of fashion.