Türk İnkılap Tarihi; Ali İhsan GENCER, Sabahattin ÖZEL, Der Yayınları, İstanbul. Supporting. Course. Book. 1. Nutuk, C.I-II-III, (M. Kemal ATATÜRK). 2. et Şahin “Nutuk” Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa “Türk İnkılâp Tarihi” Dr. Ali İhsan Gencer, Dr. Sabahattin Özel “Türk inkılâp Tarihi” Prof. Dr. Hamza Eroğlu. Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkılap. Tarihi I. Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Ali İhsan Gencer-Sabahattin Özel, Türk İnkılap Tarihi, İstanbul:Der Yayınları,

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In other words, history and history teacher education have been examined since the establishment of the Turkish Republic in Identify universal solution methods of legal problems and alternative dispute resolution methods. For this reason, many graduate history teacher candidates follow a profession outside the public sector.

Teacher-Students were given new courses in pedagogy during this period, and the new structures of education faculties required student teachers to spend more time in schools for teaching practice.

This led to the establishment of separate, autonomous schools of educa- tion located within universities.

Türk İnkılap Tarihi

Identify the legal bases for solutions to problems. Those students who graduated from the history departments of arts faculties, whose courses took 4 years, had the chance of enrolling in 1.

This ihsqn was criticized by pure historians because they believed that someone who knew history well, taught history well, which is a debatable is- sue in Turkey. Hahnsche Buchhandlung, ; Fenster zur. Mensch – Natur – Technik. For this reason, history as a school subject was used to enhance the unity of the Islamic world among Ottoman society. Although important issues were discussed, however, the findings of this conference were not translated into the Turkish education system.

Although many students graduate from history departments every year, these students cannot find a job easily. He required historians to re- view all history textbooks used in the Turkish education system and to write new ones, dedicated by the thesis of Turkish history.


All the mentioned factors, which emerged in a Turkish history thesis written dur- ing the s, showed why history and history education were important to Kemal Ataturk.

Secondary school education includes subjects of a general or voca- tional and technical character, with a duration of at inkoap four years following pri- mary education. The teachers also advised students how to overcome their limitations by learning from experi- enced history teachers and mentors from education faculties. History and history teaching remained on the agenda of Turkish society after Ataturk, and history teachers and history lessons were expected to transmit nationalist ideas to Turkish children until the lates.

Türk İnkılap Tarihi by Sabahattin Özel

Although important decisions regarding the teacher education system were taken in the s and early s, the teacher education system still faced problems. And another important step was taken inwhen the Turkish History Society was established, and given the role of organizing and encouraging historical research and studies of history educa- tion. History depart- 20 MEB There was an tarihii change in history education and the other core curriculum tzrihi in the last decade.

This was seen as an obstacle to Turkish society becoming a part of the modern world.

The first history department was set up in in An- kara as part of the Faculty of Language, History and Geography. History education as a separate subject was not given attention in Turkey until the s. Nationalist ideas played an important role in the establishment of the Turkish Republic.

The content of history curricula from 9th to 12th grades are as follows: Demircioglu The purpose of this study is to describe history teacher education and history edu- cation in Turkish society. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. At the conference, pure historians discussed the history of history education and its problems.


Thus, it was claimed that history courses were based on memorization, and did not promote higher-order thinking. Although it is diffi- cult for graduates of history to find a job, history is one of the most popular sub- jects for those students who want to study in a social-science field.

The main purpose of history departments is to educate students as scientists of history. Another deficiency in history education was a lack of research on history class- rooms: In other words, it was used for nation building. The courses that history teacher candidates were given in education faculties dealt with pedagogy and teaching his- tory. Turk Turkish I 0 2 0 2.

Turkey of the nationalist idea in the early s. The first important meeting about history education in Turkey was held by the Philosophy Society inand was a turning point for this field. Follow solutions offered for a specified topic in comparative law. Only a few history teacher education departments in education faculties have continued to teach courses in both history and education.

History teaching and history teachers, which were important tools in the creation of the nation-state, were also subject to the attention of Ataturk and his colleagues.

In the second option, students in history departments in the 15 Ismail H.

Skip to main content. This new program consists of two semesters, offer- ing two options for educating history teacher-students.