English knowing readers, two of the five hymns to Arunachala composed by the Sage: The Arunachala Aksharamanamalai. (Bridal Garland of Letters for. AksharaManaMalai – In 10 Language(Eng,Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu,Kannada, Gujarathi,Punjabi,Bengali,Oriya,Hindi) Read in both Day and Night Modes. Akshramanamalai was born in the supreme divine Love that Ramana Maharshi experienced in an extremely intense and spontaneous way towards Arunachala, .

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Let us enjoy one another in the house of open space, where there is neither night nor day, Oh Arunachala! If spurned by Thee, alas! Hard is Thy lot, Oh Arunachala! Regular fnglish of the hymn is a spiritually rewarding experience leading to aksharamanamalau.

Thou didst benumb my faculties with stupefying power, then rob me of my understanding and reveal the aksharamanamalak of Thy Self, Oh Arunachala! Thou hast administered the medicine of confusion to me, so must I be confounded! Let the sea of joy surge, speech and feeling cease, Oh Arunachala! Dazzling Sun that swallowest up all the universe in Thy rays, with Thy light open the lotus of my heart I pray, Oh Arunachala!

What hope is left for me, Oh Arunachala? Chants D’Esperance with Tunes. Significance of OM unrivalled – unsurpassed! Beyond speech indeed is this my State, Oh Arunachala!

Do not abandon me, I pray,Oh Arunachala! Is this then Thy all-kindness, Oh Arunachala? Make me partaker of Thy grace!

Familiar to Thine ears are The sweet songs of votaries who melt to the very bones with love for Thee, yet let my poor strains also be acceptable, Oh Arunachala! This joyful Marital Garland of Letters, which resembles a beam of the rays of the rising sun, was sung by the noble sage, Ramana, the ocean of compassion, with the object of removing the delusion of the devotees who sought his grace.


Akshramanamalai was born in the supreme divine Love that Ramana Maharshi experienced in an extremely intense and spontaneous way towards Arunachala, This hymn embodies the potent grace of Ramana Maharshi and is a very rare gift bestowed on humanity. Oh, Thou art death to me, Arunachala!

Thou only art reality, Oh Arunachala!


Spoken English in Tamil Free Version. Do not continue to deceive englisj prove me; disclose instead Thy transcendental self, Oh Arunachala! O Moon of Grace, with Thy cool rays as hands, open within me the ambrosial orifice and let aksharsmanamalai heart rejoice, Oh Arunachala! Unasked Thou givest; this is thy imperishable fame. Everyone who chants this hymn will be filled with joy and overcome mental delusions and sorrows. Have mercy on me, Arunachala!

Throw Thy garland about my shoulders wearing Thyself this one strung by me, Arunachala! If now Thou turn me away, the world will blame Thee, Oh Arunachala!

Thou art the primal being, whereas I count not in this nor in the other world. Adorn me with a,sharamanamalai grace and then regard me, Oh Arunachala!

The moment Thou didst welcome me, didst enter into me and grant me Thy divine life, I lost my individuality, Oh Arunachala! Didst Thou not call me in? Unless Thou do so who can intercede with Grace itself made manifest, Oh Arunachala? The eye of the eye art Thou, and without eyes Thou seest, Oh Arunachala!

Can the net of Thy grace ever fail, Oh Arunachala? Thou hast possessed me, unexorcizable spirit! What crime has marked me off for Thy wrathOh Arunachala?


Arunachala Aksharamanamalai : David Godman

With madness for thee thou hast freed me from madness for the world ; grant me now the cure of all madness, Oh Arunachala! Voice of Arunachala from Sri Ramanasramam.

Save me from the cruel snares of fascinating women and honour me with union with Thyself, Oh Arunachala!

Who but Thyself can find out Thee, Oh Arunachala? The meaning of each verse is included so that the prayer behind each verse is clear. Easy and effective way to learn English for Tamil speakers. It is not even worth speaking about, Oh Arunachala! Grant me the essence of the Vedas, which shine in the Vedantasone without a second, Oh Arunachala! Blessed be this Marital Garland of Letters! I have come in. Grant me Thy grace ere the poison of delusion grips me and, rising to my head, kills me, Oh Arunachala!

Disclose thy beauty then and hold her bound, Oh Arunachala!

Aksharamanamalai, Verses

What rests for me but the torment of my prarabdha? Since not knowing Tamil is a barrier for most people in chanting this hymn, this app will patiently teach English and Tamil speakers how to chant the verses one by one. Chants D’Esperance with Tunes Get it today.