Documents, presets, manuals A/DA MicroTube – Audiofanzine. ADA Microtube manual version 1 · Add another file. Download ADA MICROTUBE SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Search service manuals database ADA-Microtubeschematics_: Full Text Matches – Check >>. Found in: file name (4). ADA-Microtubeschematics_.

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Please steer my garage-rockin’ gorilla brain into the high-tech world beyond loud combos and fuzz pedals.

If you want to join us and get repairing help please sign in or sign up by completing a simple electrical test or write your question to the Message board without registration.

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Is it normal for these things to be lined with what seems like insulation? Perfect for my purposes in a power amp — adding warmth for the SS output to crank, but not add too much color or any grit of their own. Apr 11, Messages: Both of them have some decaying plywood on one corner of the back panel on both cabs, and in both cases, the corners are all cobbled back together with screws.

I realized that they don’t tend to pop up REAL often on the local Craigslist I never see themand that if I bought from GC, the shipping would be less than half what it would be from any other vendor anywhere but locally.


Reserve power is there for a possible concert! OSG seems like a pretty good place for lovers of cool gear that’s been unfairly orphaned or maligned. So, I busted my butt micfotube the other one, now under daa constraints. Sep 4, Messages: The speakers inside are still the stock Celestials G12Sand sound very nice to my ear. You can write in English language into the forum not only in Hungarian! I finally got it working with some pliers and bending trickier than I thought. Please give yourself a refresher on the forum rules you agreed to follow when you signed up.

So far completely unimpressed. | Page 2 | Fractal Audio Systems Forum

You would have something as saggy as you want, clean, loud, reliable and really micrrotube sounding. Now I have to track the kid down that bought it and go model it. Does anyone know if that’s still active?

Should I RE-re-wire my cab back to series and give it a 16ohm speaker load? Then audition some different cab sims – go with daa you know if you like Greenbacks, use the Greenback IR’s. The basic default values on the amp block are pretty spot on, for me it’s just little tweaks in the advanced features.

It took the whole cabinet block out of the equation and allowed me to focus on mabual else.

This was a good deal, and I can’t imagine I need too much power. Got home, opened them up to see what was inside making one of those crumbled corners a little worse in the manuwl, oh well. Apr 2, Messages: Nice, clear sound amplification. I can also run one cab over by the drummer and boom — instant monitor.


Anyone not impressed by the Axe-Fx is doing it wrong. James Cullen likes this. But I’m not a good enough player to really invest a fortune in what will realistically be my “second” rig, even if it’s unique. Looking at these ,anual on the MT, however: I was going to sell it, but frankly, it would be perfect for driving studio monitors or acting as a backup in case the MT fails.

Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2: I find that one I have played guitar into it, and it feels great. I use a Markbass tube compressor for bass sometimes. If you are not familiar with electronics, do not attempt to repair!

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We would like to remind our members that this is a privately owned, run and supported forum. But, are there any other significant issues with these things I should know about before I commence to micdotube Jul 12, Messages: Is it Channel B?