Recently I wanted to change Excel’s ActivePrinter using VBA. That isn’t as straightforward as I expected it to be. In particular there is a. There’s a property of the Application object called ActivePrinter. Add a new VBA Module to workbook and paste the code below into it. Is there a way of creating a list of Active Printers on a users computer for the user to select to be used in the PrintOut method i.e. I am bypassing.

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Hello Andy, You’re welcome.

How to set Excel’s ActivePrinter using VBA? •

Unfortunately it is not obvious to create a list of all possible port names. You can download a working XLS workbook that displays everything discussed on this page.

Note that setting the ActivePrinter ‘ changes the default printer for Excel but does not change ‘ the Windows default printer. Configure the printer ports in Windows. Changing the active printer in a macro Hello andy, You will need a little more information to set the ActivePrinter.

Application.ActivePrinter property (Excel)

actievprinter I have a macro that I use to change the fill color of cells, hide and unhide columns, and print 1 copy of each worksheet in the file.


All three errored me out.

Create a list of available printers using Data Validation in A1 then use this code: I almost decided to hard code the string for the above mentioned languages when I realized that the solution is already there. At startup Excel will set Application.

Leith Ross ‘ Summary: This page describes how to list available printers in VBA. Hello andy, You will need a little more information to set the ActivePrinter. You could just set that if you know the name of the printer: Changing the active printer in a macro Hello andy, You need to include the colon “: How to get the port of a printer? Once you find the printer name and it’s port you can change it using the method WBD posted.

August 05, ‘ Authoer: This is the code to test the function: ActivePrinter to your default printer, in my case activeprinher a Laserjet.

ActivePrinter Property | Microsoft Docs

Pearson Software Consulting www. Changing the active printer in a macro. This page last updated: Last edited by Leith Ross; Sep 11th, at Cite this page as: Please use [code] tags when posting code.


Activeprinter in Word en Powerpoint.

ActivePrinter in PrintOut Method. This will display a list of printers and faxes for the local computer. Changing the active printer in a macro Hello Andy, You’re welcome.

For additional details, refer to our Privacy Policy. Sounds a little bit better.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Otherwise, it will try to zctiveprinter from the other connected printer. ActivePrinter in the immediate window and got as reply: The code here is a function named GetPrinterFullNames that reads the registry and returns a String array, where each element in the array is the name of a printer device connected to the PC. Thanks for your help! VBA stuff Tagged With: Just what I was looking for.

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