Accidentally Yours eBook ePub edition by USA TODAY bestselling author Susan Mallery is back with the captivating story of a woman who believes in the. Accidentally Yours by Susan Mallery, despite its bright cover and comedic writing , deals with a very serious issue: Fatal childhood illnesses. WANTED: Single mom seeks billionaire’s pocketbook to fund dying son’s research cure. Will seduce if necessary. Blackmail is not out of the question. Miracles.

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She’s best known for putting nuanced characters into emotionally complex, real-life situations with twists that surprise readers to laughter.

Her research has led her to a researcher who was close to developing a potential cure before his lab burned down, which stopped the research. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Susan Mallery: Accidentally Yours

View all 15 comments. We only got to read like a few pages from her point if view so there was no character development with her.

If his sister doesn’t wash her hands four times something bad will happen. This book came so close to DNF for me. Worth the tears Beautiful story with the emphasis on the strength of love not just between mother and child but between a man and a woman. She moves around the country to towns where research is occurring and eventually comes to Songwood, a small town outside of Seattle where, prior to a tragic lab explosion, a doctor had been said to be close to finding a cure.

As much as I wanted to love her character from the start, there was a certain distance to her, it took me more than it did Nathan to connect with her. Unfortunately, the aforementioned billionaire, Nathan King, is less than receptive to her offer and she has to resort to more extreme measures, forcing his hand. Paperbackpages. Do not be fooled by the description.


There really wasn’t much of romance in this which was disappointing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It wasn’t a great book but it wasn’t horrible.

I liked Kerri’s spunk and her absolute devotion to her ailing son. The review of this Book prepared by bibi sarkar a Level 1 Blue Jay scholar. I was either going to have tears because I was happy, or I was going to have tears because I yourw sad.

She’s determined to do anything, even sleep with the hero and she points that out early in the book, even if not taking much seriously so. Okay so quick summary poor mom Kerri Sullivan needs 15 million dollars so there can be a cute for her son Cody’s disease. BUT this became a solid wall banger when she keeps acting on her stupid disillusions that she has some cosmic control over her sons life if only she deprive herself of all things enjoyable.

I’m going to preface this by saying that I normally love Susan Mallery susam. It’s a crapshoot and sometimes you lose. He doesn’t care about her or her child but we find out that comes from a tragedy of his own.

Nathan starts falling for Kerri and admires her tough, takes no crap demeanor, but his unsure of her intentions. Little does he know that the love, determination of a mother will cross his pat A powerful story about the love of a mother and second chances. Kerri is determined not to give up. Cody’s condition deteriorates and he has to be hospitalized.

This was a nice little book that was probably a bit heavier on the emotional side for a contemporary romance.


I didn’t like that things got quickly solved in the end. I love an alpha male character and he had a great transformation into a lovable guy.


She came up with the idea to be Super Mom to give Cody hope that a miracle could happen and cure him. I liked seeing Nathan come back to life after going cold. Nov susqn, Briana rated it it was amazing. The hero, on the other hand, is considered as a heartless man. Feb 22, Lean rated it really liked it.

Jan 14, virtualb rated it liked it. In fact, don’t bother reading yurs at all.

Accidentally Yours by Susan Mallery

Blackmail is not out of the question. A mother desperate to save her sons life [s]. I got hit by her issues for caring about men. Bel 1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery writes heartwarming and humorous novels about the relationships that define women’s lives—family, friendship, romance. I didn’t like her, I could not see why Nathan was one bit attracted to her, and I didn’t understand how she could treat billionaire Nathan with such contempt.

She had this tendency of lecturing Nathan on not judging others her in particular yet turning around judging him about why he didn’t fight harder for his own son who died from the same disease and throwing it in his face that she wouldn’t give up on Cody like he did. The banter with Kerri and Cody was also funny. Kerri Sullivan, the “heroine” of this story really annoyed the crap out of me.