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The first, is the historical line, for “he uses on a wide scale material of the Arabic history”. We read today books criticizes modernity and depend on it to say that the problematic of modernity has been surpassed, is it true?

For Laroui, there are several obstacles for modernizing contemporary Arabic societies. He disagreed with those who argued that Islamic culture was different from others in essential ways; he consistently argued that history is a science and that the laws of history can be applied everywhere.

These are some of the mechanisms, which have been seriously presented without receiving a positive response. The problematic, which we face, is whether the researcher will put himself before or after the break with heritage, which is a break that is already happened and deepened, will he admit it or not? There is no movement except after rest, no Verb except as reformulated from Noun. I did not extract an ideology from the west, as Al- bytar did, to say: The second is to assimilate modernity thought, and realizing it practically.

Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Grammar is the logic of the Arabs as much as the logic is the grammar of the Greeks.

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But I see today that the experience of the twentieth century points out to that it is impossible to oppose modernism except through surpassing it, and it is not possible to surpass it except through assimilating it.


Many has cited Marx, but for political purposes only, I said that the useful Marx for us is the epitomizer, interpreter and theorizer of the general European thought, which represents modernism in all its manifestations. It is easy to respond: La crise des intellectuels arabes: EnsayosAlfonso de la Serna, Mapfre. It expresses similar motives as Al- bytar [a prominent writer at that time], but it reflected a greater interest in the question of methodology, and used on a wide scale material of Arabic history…in its introduction an explanation of the concept of ideology has been expounded as follows: Laroui expresses this dual form as follows.

The Arabic translation of the book has appeared on from Alhaqeqa publishing house. Now we live larouii modernism as if modernism is a fashion; no, now we live in postmodernism, in what country, under what sky.

Seeing that happening some time in the future, laroki in the vast Islamic world, seeing that the law of society has at last prevailed over the orders of tradition or the commands of ideology, many will, I am sure, cry out, as they do now, facing the staggering performances of some Asian nations: It is better for us, the Arabs, in our current cultural situation, to take Marx as a teacher and guide to science and culture than to take him as a political leader. For, critics have realized that an important project is in a state of formation.

In this respect, he writes. It analyzed the Arabic realities and facts in its widespread intellectual, political and cultural aspects, uncovering the points of defect suggesting ways of overcoming such defects.

There is no use of judging it as right or wrong, against what measure? Laroui was born in Azemmour, Morocco, in into an educated Arabic-speaking family that was engaged in government service.

Its situation is left to modernity itself, either modernity overcomes it or to be destroyed by it, if it is the last, we are all losers. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Laroui urges scholars to study the role of polygamy and the relation between family structure and war in Islamic history, and has argued that historians should specialize not only in history but also in literature, economics, linguistics, philosophy—anything but just history.


Arab intellectuals must break with traditionalism and work out—with the tools of historicism—new approaches to language reform and social policy. I am conscious, as well, that the clearly defined concept leads me to illuminate some things and hide others, so I stay necessarily within the circle of the concept.

I say that I write fictions and novels from one side and concept criticism from the other. Reason for them all is interpretation, an inclination for the premier and the elementary, it is the reason of the order and the noun, and science is the knowledge of orders.

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Learn more at Author Central. This is because social reform undertakes time, and its development takes long time. He expresses this position clearly in several places, for example, There is no justification to this call except one assumption that is extracted from history itself.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Volume three, covering the larui towas published in He was, however, sympathetic to the view that the study of the “Orient” should be understood in the abdellwh of European imperial political interests, just as Arab cultural output should be understood in the context of Arab nationalism.