8202 E4C PDF

IBM E4C Power7 iSeries models have bit processors that offer 4- core, 6-core and 8-core configuration options; can have up to TB of internal. IBM iSeries E4C-EPC6 6-Core Power7 processor provides up to CPW, in a P05 software group, supports up to GB of memory and TB of. IBM iSeries E4C-EPC5 has a 4-Core Power7 processor with up to CPW, in a P05 software group, supports up to GB of memory and TB of.

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Memory card 2 – DIMM 8.

Memory card 1 – DIMM 4. Planning for the system Proper planning helps you place your server and identify the unique needs for your server. Memory card 2 – DIMM 7. Use these diagrams with the following tables.


PCIe x8 G2 slot 5. Memory card 2 – DIMM 2. Wed, February 21, Battery on RAID and cache storage controller.

Memory card 2 – DIMM 3. Memory card 2 – DIMM 5. Memory card 4 – DIMM 6.

Memory card 1 – DIMM 5. PCIe expansion feature – Fan 1.

8202-E4C iSeries Power7 IBM i Systems Processor Upgrades

Use this information to help you map a location code to a position on the unit. Memory card 4 – DIMM 1. Memory card 3 – DIMM 2. Memory card 1 – DIMM 2. Memory card 2 – DIMM 6. PCIe ec G2 slot 3. Battery on cache battery card.

E4C | iSeries Power7 | IBM i System Models

Memory card 2 – DIMM 1. Memory card 4 – DIMM 3. See Disk drive backplane. The following diagrams show field replaceable unit FRU layouts in the system. Troubleshooting, service, and support for POWER7 processor-based systems Use this information to diagnose and fix any problems that might e44c with your system. Memory card 3 – DIMM 1.


POWER7 processor module 2. Memory card 3 – DIMM 7. Memory card 4 – DIMM 7. Subscribe to this information. PCIe expansion feature – Fan 2. Memory card 4 – DIMM 4. PCIe x8 G2 slot 2. Memory card 1 – DIMM 1.