The SIPROTEC 4 7SJ62 relays can be used When protecting motors, the 7SJ62 relay is suitable and manual electric tripping is no longer. Applicability of this Manual. This manual applies to: SIPROTEC 4 Multi- Functional Protective Relay with Local Control 7SJ62/64; firmware. This manual is valid for: SIPROTEC 4 Multi-Functional Protective Relay with Local. Control 7SJ62/63/64; firmware version V Indication of.

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Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Manuals

For housing size figure and figure there are 4 covers and mamual holes to secure the device, for size figure there are 6 covers and 6 securing holes.

Before connection it is checked whether conditions are synchronous or not. Programming Settings For Tripping Logic Figure A Voltage connections to two voltage transformers phase-to-phase voltages and open delta VT for V4, appropriate for all networks. The key C causes the control display to appear in the Manuzl.

Double Activation Blockage Parallel switching operations are interlocked. The electrical and functional data for the maximum functional scope are followed by the mechanical specifications with dimensioned drawings. In the example, the reference 7s6j2 transformers V are the ones of the transformer high side, i.

Figure Logic diagram of the intermittent ground fault protection — principle Fault Logging A fault event and thus fault logging is initiated when the non-stabilized IiE element picks up for the first time.


The pick-up threshold of the s7j62 inputs must therefore stay substantially below half the rated control DC volt- age. De- viating values of MofPU are rounded.


The following two tables list the jumper presettings. The location and ratings of the miniature fuse F1 and of the buffer battery G1 are shown in the kanual figure. Tank Leakage Protection Retrieving Of Waveform Capture The jumpers X60 to X63 must all be set to the same rated current, i. For this purpose, connect the line.

Page 25 Introduction 1. Pickup due to overload should never occur since in this mode the device operates as fault protection with cor- respondingly short tripping times and not as overload protection.

Discrepancies in the manuao or the configuration can be quickly found and solved.


Jumper X90 manaul currently no function. Fault Event Fault Event. This time is started and maintains the pickup condition if the current falls below the threshold.

Damage to drives, bearings and other mechanic motor components can be avoided or reduced by means of quick motor shutdown. Standard Interlocking checks are provided for each individual control command.

Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Manuals

Only qualified people shall work on and around msnual device. Test Mode And Transmission Block The operational mode of the ground fault detection can be set under address Tools Digital Grid Digital Grid. Connections To Electrical Communication Interfaces Motor and current transformer with the following data: Information List For The Device Setting The Functional Parameters Description Of Voltage Protection Should any of these setpoints be reached, exceeded or undershot during operation, the device issues a warning which is in- dicated in the form of an operational message.


Both the previous history of an overload and maual heat loss to the environment are taken into account.

Page 6 The operational equipment device, module may only be used for such applications as set out in the catalogue and the technical description, and only in combination with third-party equipment recommended or approved by Siemens. Protection devices, combination devices, bay control- lers.

Inverse Time-overcurrent Protection 51, 51n Temperature Stage 2 Pickup If temperature sensors are used with 2-phase connection you must first determine the line resistance for the temperature detector being short-circuited.

Trip Circuit Supervision 74tc Functions 2.

Page 84 Functions 2.