The Essene mirrors are constantly letting us know what we are Mirror #7: The mirror of your self-concept both conscious and subconscious. Mirrors. Topic: Mirrors. We‟ve all been exposed to the fact or accused of “ mirroring” It goes way back to the Essene Tests – and is called the Seven Essene. It goes way back to the Essene Tests – and is called the Seven Essene Mysteries of Self. By understanding what they are, life and life‟s.

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If we judge and condemn with an emotional charge,we will attract exactly what ,irrors judge into our lives. Power of thought, feeling and emotion will make us more than Christ as He predicted.

When we do not express due to fear of loosing the love,acceptance, approval of another and suppress in denial, we create an energy blockwhich can eventually end up in disease or when the dam breaks a burst of anger andresentment issues forth upon whomever is in the path.

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We magnetize people and events to us according to ourconsciousness. Historians and scholars like Philo, Josephus, Pliny, and Hippolytus generally agree quite closely on the main esdene of the group. De Los Cielos Ayahuasca. Others will perceive and treat us according to how we perceive and treat ourselves. From the perspective of the ancient Essenes, every human on the earth is an initiate in the Mystery School that we call Life.

No one can escape these natural human qualities most of which we have learned through others and situations that we encounter.

Our fathers and mothers to us as children are Gods. Our sunny Kaptan Kivo Artist. She responded that she had learned nothing. Look at these issues carefully.

This is when we meet our greatest challenges, our greatest fears and have been gathering the tools and understandings in life to confront thm. What does this mean? When this mirror appears and we can honestly look at these in the eyes of someone else,it is a way to re-enforce what was lost and perhaps find these lost and forgotten loves.


Another one is erratic drivers this was one of mine. Through relationships, the mirrors reflect back to us, at that moment, the power of thought, feelings, emotions yet still unknown to us.

The seven mirrors are progressively more and more subtle.

Polaroid tv Local Business. The thing s that we judge will present itself to us over and over again, until we realize that it will keep happening again and again until we understand it is the charge we are placing on the people, situations, words, etc. Mirrors can be subtle and go unnoticed. Pre-twelfth century texts show benign beings Gabriel and Lucifer volunteering to anchor light and dark respectively.

The only way to anchor, is for a force or field to hold the mirrors for us. This is tremendously powerful and very subtle. You can think of the alcoholic — he loves his family and what does he end up losing but that which he loves the most — his family. Anger is in polarity. Examples can still be found in Anatolia, Turkey, believed to date back to around BC. These encounters reflect how you feel at the moment. We need your fssene We manifest and magnetize essnee and events into our lives according to our consciousness.

The actions of our relationships,their choices,frustration, anger, love or joy, wrong choices or wrong words are reflective reality at that moment. Many know the old relationships and ways of interactingwith each other are coming to a close yet have no idea what the new way or relationshipis thus they are often left floundering in pain, suffering and confusion. Every relationship is a relationship with self and often we try to reclaim what was lost, what we gave away, or had been taken away as a child or as an adult.

Only the good news is that humanity is now learning how to shift, delete, transform, remove, replace and transmute these captive energies into higher vibrations that are freeing our very souls to be and express who we are in our natural spirit-self states. It is possible that after the dissolution of the Essene community some members followed John mrrors Baptist or joined one of the early Christian communities, but any other direct connection seems unlikely.

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Braden says that your greatest fear may be re-defined as your most forgotten love. The way you see your Mother and Father the words you use of this world is a mirror of mirrorrs expectations of the relationship you have with your Heavenly Mother and Father.

The 7 Essene Mirrors- How we attract people and situations.

7 Essene Mirrors

Expression without suppression,denial and insecurity also helps others to evolve by giving them the information theyneed to go forward. But they are just that. We are judging or frustrated at the moment; or realize what we have given away, or lost or taken away from us. Essene was a name believed to be applied by their contemporaries.

Until I came to the realization that it was a judgment call and to get into a place of non-judgment — you can bet I had this happen over and over and over again. When you face up to one mirror, miraculously, the other mirrors come at you with a real force. We can be angry and adapt a get even mentality, we can live in denial, thinking that people will get what they deserve and that we feel nothing; or feel compassion.

We Keep Choosing Us: Seven Essene Mirrors

It is no longer appropriate to project, blame or makeanother responsible for our lives, the love, joy, happiness and even the abundance weare experiencing. There are other mirrors to study. The Countdown Begins De Los Cielos Ayahuasca The thoughts that I am about to share with you have been swimming around in my head and my heart now for a little over week.

Please help us to share our service with your friends. If you’re interested in watching it, it is embedded below. There are many dssene to look at this.

The conscience holds a mirror of esseme experience of light and dark. If you want to get even or make someone pay, you are allowing yourself to feel. It could be a hurt that nags now and then; a wrong-doing that esseje almost forgotten that brought pain or anger.