4790.2B CHAPTER 10 PDF

Study Flashcards On COMNAVAIRFORINST B CHAPTER 10, 5, 6, 7 review at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. COMNAVAIRFORINST B, THE NAVAL AVIATION MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (NAMP): CHAPTER September 2, “COMNAVAIRFORINST B CH-1” will show in the header on all pages . Chapter 10 – Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Standard.

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Manage all areas of maintenance training for the department. Free Toll U More information. All other documents will be returned to the individuals. Plane Captain Refresher Training Syllabus v.

Paragraphs through apply to O-level and I-level activities only. Ensure audits are performed using CSEC per paragraph b.

Airframe Maintenance Technician Airframe Maintenance Technician Program Description Practical and theoretical knowledge in basic maintenance techniques, plus the special requirements of either airframe or powerplant work.

Galvan, Jodie Galvan, Jodie Emailing: Experienced personnel instruct, demonstrate, and impart their skills to the less experienced. Safety related topics and QA functions shall be thoroughly discussed.

44790.2b recognizes the importance.

Assign appropriate training tasks within ASM to personnel upon check-in. Software Review Job Aid – Supplement 1 Software Review Job Aid – Supplement 1 More information. Activities using ESAMS to document safety training do not have to maintain duplicate safety training in hardcopy or electronically within other management systems Certain instructions, directives, and other information should be read by all work 479.2b members and may be routed by the AMO, division officers, or branch officers.


Indicate where materials can be found if not attached to the lecture. Repair Station Training Program Initiated by: When the information is no longer required, it shall be purged from the file. 4790.2h

Index of /study material/COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2B

Question and answer period specific questions regarding key points, safety precautions, and emergency procedures discussed in the lecture Where IMI is used, the requirements for written lesson guides do not apply.

Provide input to formal training courses via HPPRs that evaluate courses for content to ensure training is being chaper based on current systems and fleet demands. Original 07 More information.

Ensure OJT is conducted by demonstration and simulation under supervision of qualified work center personnel or artisans.

Live video teleconference and web-based training are available upon request and can be provided to groups of any size as required. Actively be involved in all aspects of their programs and are responsible for overall program condition.

June 28, Statement of Work Title: Direct inspections of assigned spaces and personnel. This well More information. Repair Station Training Program Initiated by: Ensure program managers and system experts provide timely training. 4790.2n, Jodie Galvan, Jodie Emailing: Guidelines for Evaluation of Nuclear Facility.


4790.2B CHAPTER 10 PDF

The trainee learns by seeing the job done and gains experience by participating in the work. Squadrons that have both a home guard and deploying detachments shall develop a Training Plan that encompasses both the home guard and deploying detachment training requirements. Assist and advise the MO in the areas of enlisted performance, billet requirements, training, and manning within the department. Individual training jackets will be electronically exported from the current command CAR 1 a vi More information.

Purucker, M anager More information. Lecture number assigned for identification. Chaptre the words More information.

Index of /study material/COMNAVAIRFORINST B

cahpter Duplicate paper records and forms are not authorized in activities where ASM has been implemented. Presentation narrative or outline so complete that a new or substitute instructor could conduct a satisfactory lecture. CyberOptics recognizes the importance 110 information. Ensure all personnel fully participate in the training program and comply with established policies and procedures. Chief of Naval Operations Subj: Upon designation as Program Manager, a self-audit shall be performed within 30 days and annually thereafter using the CSEC.