by Anders Breivik Politisporet by Torstein Viddal Die Tage danach by Erika Books about Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway terror attacks 7/22/ A 1,page “manifesto” recently published online, entitled A Geofarm is a farm which has been linked to Anders Behring Breivik. By Andrew Berwick (Anders Behring Breivik), London – compendium, – “ – A European Declaration of Independence” – documents.

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Thanks so much for reading and for commenting. I can, however, recommend that you read Columbine by Dave Cullen. He anxers it helped him gain target acquisition.

Retrieved from ” https: Plus at some point permitting odious ideas to be stated openly on my site weighs heavy on me. So I fancy that I enter into Part Four with some skills for analyzing text. Something is rotten also in the states of Norway and Sweden!

But it was also because, in my decidedly non-professional opinion, Breivik has some traits one associates with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It has appeared in the media that the accused has been a member abders the Norwegian Order of Freemasons.

I managed to plow through pages of the terrorist’s copy pasted compendium in media referred to as his “manifesto” before I was too overwhelmed begring disgust, nausea and boredom to finish it. These recommendations, inter alia, entailed a deliberate, privileged influx of large 0283 of Arab and other Muslim immigrants.

Who will care for these children? Oh, one more thing, since biker gangs were mentioned: This is the maximum penalty in Norway. Instead, he just targeted them all And here is a adjusted Google translation of the article in question: Da Capo, I welcome your comment, but I am unsure what point you are making.

  LEY 19223 PDF

A European Declaration of Independence by Anders Breivik

That force is ideology On his trip to England, more likely he was sitting in a pub, on his own, complaining to anyone who’d listen about foreigners.

Retrieved 5 December To ask other readers questions aboutplease sign up. If the NSDAP had been isolationistic instead of imperialistic expansionist and just deported the Jews to a liberated and Muslim free Zion instead of massacring them, the anti-European hate ideology known as multiculturalism would have never been institutionalized in Western Europe, because the Marxists would never have been so radicalized to begin with. If considered a perpetual danger to society, Breivik could have been kept in confinement for life.

2083 – A European Declaration of Independence

I thought nothing good ever comes from assuming that all people are noble and will care for all children like they are their own. On 14 Augustseveral Norwegian politicians and media outlets received an email from someone beeivik to be Breivik’s “deputy”, demanding that Breivik be released, and making more threats against Norwegian society.

Mar 22, Robert rated it liked it. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

But he also discusses exclusively how the terrors of cultural Marxism play themselves out on the traditional family unit of a man, wife and children. I know, I know, this is simplistic armchair psychology at its worst.

I think some people, when they read he was a rabid anti-Marxist and appalled by the Frankfurt school, jumped to the conclusion that he hated many of those involved because they were Jews. Dette scenariet er det foretrukne utfall.

Del 1 beskriver mediahegemoniets egne koder. At the start of the third day of the trial, Storrvik introduced a report from the “prevention section” at [the office of] the Parliamentary Ombudsman, dated 11 Novemberregarding a series of visits that year by the ombudsman; the report said that Breivik was being held at a section where beeivik there was only one prisoner. Thank you for your comment, Gregg.


2083: A European Declaration of Independence

Knights Templar and popular culture. Norway, from the Prime Minister down has met this with words of comfort and hope, and with hands full of roses. Dette inkluderer moskeer og islamske kultursentre. I do hope we will heare more from the brave American woman Ann Barnhardt, probabely by now death-threatened by submitters to the peace religion. He begins his manifesto with what ostensibly is an example of a dystopia caused by cultural Marxism, and the implication that Muslim immigration has created crime.

Risk analyses have at an early stage come with suggestions for measures [and these have not been followed up] Does it mean agreeing with the fuckers who send me savage e-mails that would make even your sphincter tighten?

In this document, he describes his main goal as “a cultural conservative approach where monoculturalism, moral, the nuclear familya free marketsupport for Israel and our Christian cousins of the east, law and order and Christendom itself must be central aspects unlike now. Retrieved from ” https: