The right (or wrong) snacks can make or break your diet. Choosing the right snacks isn’t as hard as it seems if you’ve got the experts on the. The best way to curb snacking on unhealthy stuff? To pre-prepare healthy ones, of course! Here are 5 snack ideas you can prep for the week. Need some inspiration for low-calorie party snacks that still taste delicious? Here are 7 awesome recipes, sure to please the crowd!.

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A piece of toast with a salad for lunch never hurt anyone. Did you end up going with it?

My biggest struggle was alcohol because even 1 glass of wine will tip you calories over your daily budget and I like quite a bit more than 1 glass of wine. Have you seen Bikini Body Mommy? Smaggle 5 years ago. Basically when you are on the page with your workout, there is a drop down menu and you can selet which program you want to do. So how did it go? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Losing 5kg over the Christmas period is a huge achievement!

I would have appreciated a clenched tandoori butt pic though. Hi Phil, I would definitely do 12wbt again if I needed to lose weight, I think the combination of real food and real exercise is a winner. Plus I like it when someone else does the thinking and calorie counting for me.

I remember one day when breakfast was toast, lunch was a sandwich and dinner was bruschetta. I was looking into yoga and Barre looks a bit more challenging without being much more expensive.


Honestly, I feel like I look like I lost more than 5kg too! I put on 5kg over Christmas so I must have got them from you, cheers. Pretty stoked about that. My fun run was in week 9, and I ran the whole 10 km in a personal best time of 1 hour 2 minutes. Not everything was a winner but the majority was, and I think if you are comfortable making healthy changes to suit your own tastes and preferences you will do fine.

Good luck if you decide to do it! You look great and have obviously kept yourself well and healthy.

Michelle Bridges 12WBT Before and After Shots

I can imagine your fitness has improved with the program. The first round for began in mid-February, when Emma was 5 months old. Barring champagne and cocktails! Oh She Glows By short4dorothy. I thought that 12wby a realistic time for a new mum to be starting a diet and exercise program. I have my wife at me this week about joining… so looking back on the whole 12 weeks program now with some time gone by. Then I could have followed it up with a picture of my clenched tandoori coloured, g-stringed butt cheeks whilst wearing stripper heels, but alas I lacked the foresight.

I love having a guide to follow and staying accountable is certainly a big winner. Vanessa 5 years ago. Lauren 5 years ago. Blog – Alice Bradley By short4dorothy.

Michelle Bridges 12WBT Before and After Shots

A smear of avocado on […]. I think they are going to make some changes to the program for next round so a lot of the little quirks will be ironed out, for example there will be more calorie levels for the nutrition plan so it will be even better tailored.


You also get access to the website which includes forums, the whole recipe collection, calorie counters, exercise index, and various pep talk kind of videos from Michelle. Dee 5 years ago. Thanks Lee — I hope it was helpful for you. The meal plans were definitely filling, tasty and easy. Did it myself a couple of years ago and loved having a plan to follow. I think I could smash a higher kg loss at a different time of year.

Oh, and a BIG congrats on achieving you goals — well done you! I started it once but then stopped because I missed smoothies so much! You must be feeling fantastic.

I had two goals. Wondering if you noticed whether you could move between the running and other programs if you wanted to? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Thank for that compliment! JicyJac snacke years ago. Thanks so much for your comments re: Also, compared to your normal weekly spend on food prior… what was the increase on your budget for food?

Second, run the 10km Canberra fun run in April. Not sure about joining the beginner program which seems to be flexible enough to work up to the intermediate program or the learn to run program.

And fancy sticking to it over Christmas — what a star! Christina Hair Romance 5 years ago.